“Accountability for stewarding strategic commitments to action across the company or firm starts and ends with the Board. Directors of successful organisations need to be equipped to identify and embrace new opportunities while responding to multi-dimensional risks, and successful organisations will embrace the opportunities. In the next 5 years, leaders can expect to have to demonstrate more than answer not just to whether they took impact into account; they but will have to answer the question why their entire approach has not been oriented to avoid harm and do more good for people and planet. ”

Laurie Spengler

Founding Partner

Laurie J. Spengler is an impact investment banker, board member and active contributor to the impact investing industry. Among her current board engagements, she serves as a non-executive director of the CDC Group (the UK DFI), Lendable, the UK Impact Investing Institute and Bridges Insights. Laurie serves as Global Ambassador to the Global Steering Group on Impact Investing and is Senior Fellow and Advisory Council member at Casei3 at the Fuqua Business School. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was a member of the G7 Impact Taskforce and Senior Advisor to its working group on Instruments and Policies to Scale Impact Investment in 2021.

Laurie is a frequent speaker and preferred interviewer at industry convenings on topics ranging from impact investing, values-based banking, gender smart investing to inclusive and sustainable economics and more. Her increasingly regular writings are gaining traction with new audiences expressing interest in building a more resilient future for all.

Laurie is CEO of Courageous Capital Advisors, LLC, an impact investing advisory firm dedicated to generating outsized positive impact by providing targeted strategy, transaction and governance services. Previously, Laurie was CEO of Enclude Ltd. and Enclude Capital UK Limited, formerly part of the ShoreBank and Triodos family of companies, and now a Palladium Company. Prior to building Enclude Capital, Laurie was founder and CEO of Central European Advisory Group, a regional advisory firm she sold to her management team in 2005. She also worked as an attorney with the New York, Brussels and Prague offices of White & Case. Laurie has a JD from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree from Stanford University.

“In the next 5 years, the key question confronting leaders is shifting from whether to take impact into account to why their entire approach is not oriented to avoid harm and do more good. Each of us will need to choose whether to have a defensive, compliance oriented approach or to move beyond our comfort zone, draw upon our skills, resources and commitments and take an offensive approach that opens up new opportunities.”

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