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Mondiale Impact brings together experienced leaders at the forefront of shaping sustainable and impact markets, with a shared mission to accelerate the governance response needed to meet the urgency and scale of sustainability issues and opportunities confronting leaders, their organisations and society.

Our 21st Century Governance approach recognises governance will be a central focus for leaders navigating today’s challenges of climate change, inequality and the pandemic as they increasingly need to look beyond financial performance alone.

We bring together experience creating and leading organisations, transactions, policy and research across public and private markets. Our partners have deep experience, having worked as directors or in advisory or leadership roles for major financial institutions, Development Finance Institutions, multi-laterals including the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, G7 Taskforces and institutions including Oxford and Harvard. They have produced a substantial body of literature leading insight into what’s happening and practice needed today and into the future.

We bring our collective experience and the highest level of governance and integrity to supporting and challenging ourselves and the leaders we work with to optimise impact.

Mondiale Impact is global by design. Our global perspective is a key point of difference, and provides unique insight into major trends and themes as they emerge including how significant issues including climate, diversity and health intersect and connect with risks and opportunities.

Our Partners have each honed their strategic and commercial acumen, policy insight and strong impact governance through decades of experience.

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In the next 5 years, the key question confronting leaders is shifting from whether to take impact into account to why their entire approach is not oriented to avoid harm and do more good. Each of us will need to choose whether to have a defensive, compliance oriented approach or to move beyond our comfort zone, draw upon our skills, resources and commitments and take an offensive approach that opens up new opportunities.