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​​Mondiale Impact is an independent global partnership of experienced leaders shaping impact and sustainability markets.

Our operating context is dramatically different as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century. New evidence changes everything – and the evidence of what’s at stake is clear. Our collective inability to recognise and act on the public good has led to sub-optimal outcomes, our planet is in crisis, civil unrest belies the full extent of inequality and injustice and the pandemic has illuminated the extent to which our economies and well-being are interrelated.

This evidence fundamentally challenges the notion that the two chief world systems of the 20th Century – profit and impacts on people and our planet – are separate and distinct. The nature and role of governance has to respond to this new understanding.

We are peers, trusted advisers and coaches to leaders, working alongside them to educate, guide, challenge and demonstrate impact.

Partners in Mondiale Impact are experienced chairs and directors at the Board table. Through Mondiale Impact they work with leaders, boards, Governments and decision-makers seeking to optimise impact.

Engagement may start with a peer review, or a coaching relationship and extend to working with leaders to shape their strategic vision, make well-informed decisions, navigate difficult choices, and bring experience and pragmatism to the transformation required in how businesses are governed, capital is allocated and policies are prioritised.

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Companies that seek to maximise corporate revenue without considering their impacts on other stakeholders – including the environment, workers and communities put their long-term growth at risk and are not attractive investment targets for us. Similarly, asset managers that only focus on short-term, explicitly financial measures and ignore longer-term sustainability related risks and opportunitities are not the right partners for us.

The way business is done is experiencing a significant transformation. At the heart of this transformation is what many call the Impact Imperative and a significant focus for leaders is how to give that content and integrity and the leadership and governance required to respond.

Mario Calderini